#11-14: June Surf Sessions

by Sam Odario

Summer south wind sessions are pretty rare. This run of swell lasted 5 days which is almost unbelievable for June. What was missing was a really big and epic day sometime in these 5 days, but who are we to complain. It started on Thursday afternoon when for I long time I had no idea why everyone were talking about Novigrad. I didn’t even check the forecast for the northern Adriatic, I was so focused on the evening session at NOA. This is why I was a bit late to the game, all my friends already surfed out were out of the water. Still it was one of the better session at this spot ever. Especially that one wave, that was a carbon copy of waves we had during the sickest day ever at this spot.

After some grocery shopping and a drive south I was parked at NOA eyeing the surfers in the water. The “Jellyfish” peak looked alright so I joined Luggy and Godec in the lineup. Waves were picking up and I had a few really good walls. Waves arrived earlier than expected, it was almost 1.5m in the evening.

Next morning was supposed to be the best session of the swell. The size was there, but so was the wind. I had an okayish morning session while majority was waiting for the wind to die down. Unfortunately the waves and the wind went down together, conditions never really becoming epic. I had another small session around noon and them most of the people left. Small waves kept rolling in and the wind kept blowing. Around 5pm it seemed like the waves picked up again. Yeah, they did. Third session of the day, when the forecast promised almost flat conditions, was the best session of the day. Yeah. But that was not all. There were more surprises in store.

Saturday morning was again supposed to be really small. Like barely surfable small. But big lines kept coming in the whole morning while the sun was burning our surprised zincless faces. Waves dropped to barely surfable range late in the afternoon. After the morning session I went back home, we had a BBQ and then I slept for like an eternity.

Next morning me and my girlfriend went on a sun chasing mission. And yes, there were surfboards in the car. The further south we went, the sunnier it looked. so we ended up again near the NOA spot. After a fun day in the sun the forecast promised some really really really small waves in the evening. And to my surprise, they were there and they were surfable. Lots of times a 0.5m forecast just means frustration. This time it meant even a few fun waves. Greenworm and Luggy stayed for the night and surfed the next morning as well, while we had to get back to work.

Novigrad 4.6. and NOA 4.6.-7.6.

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