#4-7: When the Surf Season Sucks, but Then You Surf 4 Days Out of 7

by Sam Odario

Boorrring. After last years November and December it is still a bit hard to get excited for surf around here. A bit more time needs to pass before we will again be frothing over 1m blown out mush. So days of mediocre surf and bitching about surf not being good went by one by one. Suddenly, yesterday, when I have counted all the surf days I realized that in the middle of the “2020 is soooo baaaaad!” complaints, we had 4 surf days in the last 7 days. Not bad, not bad at all. Here is how it went.


First day was really a pity surf. It’s like pity sex, just with surfing. When the surf is so bad and small that you don’t really want to go in, but you are there and driving home without getting wet is even worse. So we suit up and go in. And when we get in and catch a few waves it’s kind of not the worst. And then the waves magically pick up for a good hour or so and the surf turns out kind of fun. Small 1m waves, but clean lines without wind, breaking nicely along the point. Even pity surf is better that a good day at work?

26.2. Barba


Saturday was an intro to a bigger Sunday. I did some work on the van that I was planning to do since the last Sardinia trip. I have put some lights in the storage compartment under the bed so when we Tetris our mountain bikes in and out of the box under the bed at night we will be able to see what we are doing. After that and after breakfast I moved to the usual surf spot and waited for the waves to pick up. I went in around 3pm and surfed until it got dark. A classic 1-1.5m conditions. Classic does not mean good here. It means it was windy, but still surfable :). Got a few nice ones in. Little did I know that we will soon start to have two different types of 1.5m waves.

29.2. NOA


Pizza, beer and drive into the night to the ferry harbor. A bottle of mead later and we were in our beds sleeping and waiting for the morning ferry. “Linija u prekidu” was what the guy at the ferry office had to say in the morning. It means the ferry is not working due to high winds and rough sea. Some people would give up, but we drove to another harbor and took a different, less pussy ferry. The session was again classic, but on the island that is not a bad thing. When most of the windsurfers left and the waves kept coming I had some sick and long rides all the way to the graveyard. And just Luggy and Bošti to share the waves with. Last minute heroics got us to the ferry in time.

1.3. The Island


Same 1.5m forecast as on #5. But oh so different. Much bigger and meatier waves met us at the usual surf spot. When alarm clock went of at 4am I was already awake. Coffee and south we went. First light we were already on the spot and another Slovenian car was there as well with Bizi and Zidar already in the lineup. It wasn’t as perfect as it could have been according to the forecast. We hoped for no wind. But waves size and meaty walls allowed for some proper surfing turns. So a sick 4h session!

3.3. NOA

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