#9-10: First Surf After Covid-19 Quarantine

by Sam Odario

We thought long and hard and we could not come up with a worse sport to be stuck in covid-19 quarantine with in Slovenia. First, Slovenia has almost no surf. On some rare occasions you can surf in Slovenia, but you can not really count on it. So not only we were not allowed to go to the beach and surf, we also needed to wait for the border to open so we could go to either Croatia or Italy to surf.

Croatia was more successful when it comes to dealing with the corona virus, so they opened the borders first, but the boarder crossing is still not completely free, it needs some ingenuity. To ease our wait the sea has been more or less flat during the quarantine. But just when the local lock down measures were being dropped but borders not yet opened a really sweet swell arrived and we had to miss it. So the first chance after that we were on it.

First day was I could say epic for the 20km spot. It can not get much better than this. Good size and clean waves for 2 hourse before dark. Which is insane when you think about the fact that there is only 20km of fetch here. Second session was not so clean and a bit smaller but still super fun to be back in the water. Days in between both session we did some mountain biking and kayaking. So all in all, good times!

20 km spot, 20.5. and 24.5.2020

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