Stuck in an RV? How to Get Fit On the Go

by Sam Odario

Not settling in one place, seeing marvelous sights and exploring the untamed wilderness is what RV life is all about. Not many have a genuine opportunity to investigate the world’s hidden gems, especially on four wheels and with no classical touristy restrictions. That being said, if you don’t travel for sports, like for surfing, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing etc… you can easily get lazy and even too relaxed, hence start gaining weight. For all those keen RV travelers there is one important note – no need to worry! You can get fit and stay in shape while you are on your RV adventure even if you thought that’s impossible. Here is how to organize your camper van workouts.

The productive skips

One of the most lucrative cardio workouts is skipping. Not only is it one of the most effective ways to get fit, but it is also a fantastic way to get out of the sedentary position in your RV. The ideal thing would be to own a jump rope. If you didn’t pack that for your road adventure, then you can do jumping jacks, air squats or air lunges, mountain climbers, or high jumps (touching the chest with your knees). Be prepared to break the sweat with these cardio workouts. Make sure that you do a set of 45-second skipping exercise and 10-second rest for a minimum of 8 rounds for maximum effect.

An all-purpose exercise – running

Nothing beats the great outdoors, and if you happen to settle on some picturesque location with your RV, you can always resort to running. Running is by all means the most beneficial exercise for both fat burning and body contour. If you want to lose weight and at the same time reshape your silhouette you only need to go running every evening or morning for at least 30 minutes. To upscale your weight-loss effect drinking green tea increases fat burning so you can pair that up with your running routines and expect fantastic results.

Boost your abs

Even if you are constantly on a go, the easiest exercise that you can do is the core workouts. Reshaping your abs and stomach muscles can be done almost anywhere, and if you have a blanket or a special mat to spread in your RV, you can do them even while in motion. Lay down, put your legs in a 90-degree pose and do the sit-ups, this can be done even while lying on the bed. In the same pose, you can do numerous other workouts for abs like plank and side planks, or clapping wall push-ups that do miracles for your core muscles.

Go for a hike

As you are already going places with your RV, why not get the most out of the experience and go hiking. Capture splendid natural sights and do productive exercise along the way. Climbing the hills, doing the power walk, and running are all excellent physical activities that will give you enough stamina and energy to fight off sedentary RV position. Plus, you will be out on fresh air, seeing beautiful sights and burning excess kilos all in one go.

“On-the-go” exercises

You can create a petite “RV gym” even if you don’t have full equipment. For some power exercises like lunges, mountain climbers, squats, push-ups, burpees, and sit-ups you don’t need any gear. For others, you can use for instance water bottles if you want to boost your arm and shoulder muscles or make a beanbag out of sturdy garbage bag and sand for deadlifts. If you travel through nature and wilderness there are also plenty of objects in nature that you can use for working out. Heavy rocks can be used as deadlifts, tree branches can be used for pull ups, you can do push ups almost everywhere etc…

Opt for a mindful diet

Food plays an enormous factor when striving to get fit. Incorporating regular exercise with smart food choices is the ideal way to keep a steady and healthy weight. Especially if you are driving for hours and when you don’t have time to do an exercise you must watch over your diet. Instead of fast food dinners, opt for healthy snacks like cashews and other nuts, dry and fresh fruit, and whenever you can make sure that you have a ready-made meal.

Everything is possible if you set your mind to it and remain diligent. Doing exercise on the go has never been easier in this modern-day and age. Just follow these tips and you’ll look extraordinary.

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