Top 10+ Outdoor Activities In The Teton Valley Area

by Sam Odario

Tourists often prefer to spend most of their time on outdoor activities during their vacation period, especially in the summer. They typically go to designated tourist destinations where they can be assured of an array of outdoor activities to participate in.

The Teton Valley area is a great tourist destination. Located in Idaho state, it sits west of the famous Grand Teton Mountains. It consists of three cities, namely Tetonia, Driggs, and Victor.

The Teton valley and its environment have a variety of tourism activities suited for the enjoyment of all types of people. Visit for more information on getting prepped for your vacation.

The top outdoor activities in the Teton Valley area include:

Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions are often the first point of exploration for holidaymakers. The Teton Valley area has a good number of tourist attractions that travelers can visit during their stay. Some of these are:

  • The Grand Teton Brewing Micro Brewery – This brewery has a deep-rooted history in the Teton Valley area, having been around for over 30 years. It was founded in 1988 in Wyoming and moved to Victor in 1998. The brewery is mainly known for its summer tours.

During the tours, visitors have access to free tastings with company souvenirs and merchandise on sale during the visit. The brewery also has a small pub, which is open for visitors all days of the week at specific hours.

  • Grand Teton National Park – A few miles out of the Teton Valley area, the Grand Teton National Park is another tourist attraction worth a visit. It is built around the prominent Grand Teton Mountains.

It is a cultural site that has endured through the ages. Some old features around the park include homesteads, cattle ranches, and ancient trails. More contemporary activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, backcountry camping, and other exploration endeavors also take place here. It is fully open during the summer, but somewhat restricted during the winter period.

  • Grand Teton Mountains – Not only are these mountains world-famous, but they constitute a prominent part of the Teton Valley experience.

For one, the Teton Range, the youngest formation of the Grand Teton Mountains, is the central point of the Grand Teton National Park. It offers excellent views of the surroundings from its 7000 feet summit.

Either a distant view of these mountains, or a visit to its gigantic rock masses, will add some fun to your tour of this area.

  • Teton Valley Museum – This is a two-story building located at Driggs. It is the perfect location to get acquainted with the history of the Teton Valley. It has photos, depictions, and historical documentation of the area’s evolution on display.

The museum is open all year round, with visitors peaking during the summer period. It is an excellent destination for all lovers of history.

  • Mesa Falls – Mesa Falls is a well-known waterfall in the west, located on the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway. The Mesa Falls have two subdivisions, namely the upper and lower Mesa Falls. The upper section of the falls drops at a whopping 114 feet height to the underlying river body, while the lower section is a less steep drop featuring a height of 65 feet.

The best time to visit the falls remains the summertime, from Mid-May to September, due to extended hours during that season. The facilities around the area include a visitor center, a gift shop, and car parks.

If you ever get bored of viewing the endless cascades of the river below, there are other activities to engage in, such as boating and fishing.

  • The Spud Drive-In Theater – With an age-long existence in the Teton Valley area since 1953, this drive-in theater is a both a historical and fun place to visit. Enduring through different sales, ownership, and attempted re-engineering, the Spud drive-in theater has stood the test of time. It is a place worth visiting, and you might even cop a movie.
  • Darby Wind Cave – The Darby Wind Cave is a treacherous cave with breathtaking cave views from any vantage point. If you are up for a full exploration of the Darby Wind Cave, you will have to make a 5.4 mile trip with the right gear to navigate the cave’s insides.


The Teton Valley area houses different retail stores with a wide variety of merchandise, including auto sales, book stores, hobby, jewelry, liquor, and more. A huge number of retail locations guarantees an ample opportunity to window shop and pick up a few things that are within your budget.

Driggs is said to have the most retail stores in the area, followed by Victor, and then Tetonia. Most of the stores are scattered around the area, with some on the outskirts. This allows for a better exploration of the city for the adventurous type of traveler.

Eating Out

Sometimes home cooking just doesn’t cut it on vacation. Well, you don’t have to worry about a good experience while eating out because there are many great restaurants in the area. Each of the three cities’ restaurants provides a tasty variety of food for visitors to choose from.

Affordable prices and lots of freebies for restaurant visitors are good reasons for tourists to keep coming back. Some restaurants also have arrangements with lodges around them to supply food to their customers at a little discount. In any case, most food items are reasonably priced.

Take A Scenic Drive

navigating the teton valley

The Teton Scenic Byway is quite a distance to travel, a 70-mile stretch running along the slopes of the Teton Range. Along the path are scenic vistas, historical sites, and beautiful views of nature. The upper Snake River valley holds a vast expanse of farmlands bearing potatoes and other plants.

It is historically famed as the site of the rendezvous of mountain men and fur trappers in the 1800s. In the area, there is a biking and hiking trail that replaced an old railroad, which adds an adventurous edge to your ride. Other scenic drives include the Yellowstone-Grand Teton Loop and the Grand Teton Loop.


The Teton Valley area has a myriad of rivers, including Darby Creek, Fox Creek, Teton River, Snake River, Trail Creek, and the North and South Leigh Creeks. In the surrounding cities and states of the Teton Valley area are about 30 famous rivers in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, with Teton Valley holding them all at the center. Thus, the Teton Valley area is a favorite destination for fly fishing activities, as thousands of tourists engage in it every year.

With such a vast number of rivers pervading the Teton Valley, tourists often need the help of a fishing guide to discover a fishing destination. There is a rising number of outfitters in the area.

River Sports

River sports are not alien to the Teton Valley area as it boasts so many rivers passing through it and domiciled therein. This makes the rivers a favorite with tourists interested in sports who do not wish to go fishing or sightseeing. Some of the popular river sports in the area include:


Boating is an experience to relish in the many rivers in the Teton Valley area. Focused on enjoying the waters and curious to see where they lead, many tourists are excited to take part in this activity. The boats are always available for rent in nearby rental shops. This adventure can be combined with a host of other fun activities while you are at it.

Water Skiing

This is one of those activities for which you would require a boat in motion, a cable ski, and a few other types of equipment to get started. It involves an individual being pulled behind a boat through the waters with the cable ski attached. This is a sport more tailored to the young, energetic crop of tourists, and the Teton Valley area sees a host of them.


Kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and air-filled tubes can be used to enjoy the river at leisure. The act is called floating and requires less activity than in the case of boating. Swimming can be combined with floating to add some extra fun.

Swimming And Diving

Swimming is probably the most prevalent sport in the Teton Valley Rivers. Many tourists come prepared for this excellent activity. The younger populace seeking to add some thrill to their swimming experience dive from elevated points, such as the falls, into the river below.

Hiking And Horseback Riding

Hiking and horseback riding are great activity choices to engage in at the Teton Valleys. A serene and uncrowded path is guaranteed along most of the Teton Valley trails. There are at least ten trails distributed amongst the cities making up the Teton Valley area.

Perfect for hiking are the Big Elk Creek Trail, and the Palisades Creek Trail. The stretches of hiking trails along the Teton Valley area total as much as 100 miles.

Horseback riding is enjoyed by tourists as well. The many hiking trails mentioned are suitable for horseback riding. The tourists are well-equipped to engage in horseback riding with the aid of different outfitters who provide guides and rentals for bikes, horses, and other gears for the perfect experience.


Most of the hiking trails usable for horseback riding are useful for biking as well. However, biking is not limited only to the hiking trails but also extends to the mountains. There are reportedly over 30 miles of mountain biking trails for riders of varying levels of skill.

Mountain biking is celebrated in the Teton Valley area with events such as a yearly mountain bike festival, and the Grand Targhee hill climb attesting to it. They are highly publicized within the region. All gear required for a perfect biking experience is available for rent with outfitters.


Athletics receive a good level of participation in the Teton Valley area. Several running events are held throughout the summer months and beyond. Some of the athletics events held in the area are the Jackson Hole Marathon and the Targhee Hill Climb.

Also, various fitness and wellness stores canvass for tourists to join their camps and events. Athletic wear is also on sale throughout the area.

Mountaineers and hill climbers find the magnificent Grand Teton Mountains a natural magnet. They navigate through the subtlest terrains to the hardest ones.

Music Events And Festivals

Due to the increase in popularity of the Teton Valley music bands, producers and other music-oriented professionals often team up to organize some of the best music festivals and events. An example is the Grand Targhee Music Fest, which features serial music concerts and events over three days at the ski hill of the Grand Targhee. This also features a competition called ‘Battle of the Bands’, though you would require a ticket to gain entry.

Another great event in the Teton Valley is the Music on Main held at Victor City Park. It is held every Thursday night from the end of June to mid-August, and is a free event. Other music events in the area include the Huntsman spring celebration and the BlueGrass Festival.

Other Outdoor Activities

Other seasonal outdoor activities in the Teton Valley area that cannot be engaged in all year round include:

Skiing And Snowboarding

The Teton Valley area is an excellent destination for both skiing and snowboarding during the winter. This is due to the thick layers of snow that form at that time. The Grand Targhee Resort, and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are only a few designated places where you can enjoy pleasant skiing and snowboarding experiences.


This can also be integrated into the outdoor activities of visitors in the winter period. It is usually considered a whole lot easier compared to skiing and snowboarding.

The Teton Valley area is the ideal destination for tourists who love to have maximum fun with fewer crowds. It is a great location for all forms of outdoor activities, and rightly so, with the huge number of natural resources, facilities, and outfitters in the region.

Indeed, the Teton Valley is a great location for anyone looking forward to having an awesome vacation. Although summer is the ideal time for vacations, regardless of which time of the year you plan to visit the Teton Valley area, you are covered.

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